Non-Military PTSD and My Life

Shelly and Wanda are friends of mine. If you suffer from PTSD or you know someone who does, I highly recommend their new book, “Love letters from the Edge.”

Blessings to all who struggle. May you find the healing and freedom and the life you were created to enjoy.



Ten years ago I didn’t know very much about post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that trauma was influencing the lives of many of my family members. Today I look back and know that if I’d known then what I know now, I’d have been able to help those I love in more effective ways.

  • Accidents. When my son was two, he bit an extension cord and suffered a devastating shock through the mouth that seared his lips and required reconstructive surgery. During the hour-long drive through the country to the hospital, his head swelled and distorted as he lay in my arms. In those moments, I believed my child was going to die before we arrived.
  • Suicide. My father-in-law lost his father to suicide when he was a child. The trauma influenced Norman for the remainder of his life, leaving him “stuck” emotionally and family members confused about…

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One Response to Non-Military PTSD and My Life

  1. Denise Hisey says:

    Thanks for linking Shelly and Wanda’s post, Lori.
    I enjoyed the post and browsing over there…

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