My new blog- please respond…

Hello, friends.

I’ve changed my blog name to

I really want to stay connected. Please visit my site and click follow so we can stay connected…sorry if this is a duplicate message. I’m not a very techie person. :/

Blessings. :)

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About Lori Lara

I'm 8 years in recovery from PTSD, major depression, and addiction. My hope is to support and share healing with those who struggle with similar issues. Although I've experienced miraculous healing, I've come to realize recovery is a life-long journey. Nothing breaks my heart more than hearing stories of people who struggle silently and think they're alone. My goal is to remain committed to my own recovery while taking with me as many people as I can. I'd love to hear your story and share this journey together... Sincerely, Lori
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2 Responses to My new blog- please respond…

  1. Amy Johnson says:

    Talk about not tech-savvy (me). I can’t find the follow button :/.

    Hugs, A

    Sent from my iPhone

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